Revealing my next drawing with Dopey of the Seven Dwarfs! Did I pick the right one to draw next?

Does my glum little French Bulldog art make you smile? -

A few songs and one back door -

Summer of dogs, drawings and friends -

Maleficent - a sculpture and drawing, Angelina in the flesh, the movie, props and costumes.

Never have three dimensions captured Disney characters so accurately, as the Walt Disney Classics Collection. Precious Moments froze the line in 2013, but “Frozen” is the perfect reason to awaken the Walt Disney Classics Collection! Could Olaf’s size and stature be more fitting for a starter sculpture? -

Whether this is for those at home believing and praying the Word, or those overseas, this oil pastel drawing honors your service and aims to assist you in praying God’s promise of protection for soldiers.

Every dad deserves a gift like Pinocchio; my mixed media of the Dusty Horner 2004, Walt Disney Classics Collection sculpture, in four versions including a Hand Embellished edition.

For your English country manor… 

For your English country manor… 

Renaissance style, warm, “golden” oranges and purples in a Venetian mix.